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The top cause of weather-related damage is hail, which can cause hundreds of dings and dents in a vehicle in a short time period. Photo courtesy of ARI. How to Handle Vehicles Damaged in Transport
From hail to carelessness to simple scratches and dents to completely totaled vehicles, damage during vehicle transit does happen and can cost a company time and money. Can anything be done?
Photo courtesy of Schwan's Home Service. Schwan's Gains Economic Benefits From Propane Autogas
Schwan's Home Service prevented the emission of a cumulative 31,450 tons of greenhouse gases in one year by using propane autogas.
Holding the Line on Fleet Costs Still a Concern
Middle-market firms are facing rising maintenance costs while trying to control fuel spend and "fleet creep."
photo: © Thinking Outside the Box: Breaking Traditional Rules of Fleet Management
A wise man once said “change isn’t bad, it’s just different.” Fleet managers looking for innovation can start by challenging the “conventional wisdom” of fleet management, and thinking outside the box.
When an Extended Warranty Makes Sense...and When it Doesn't
To determine whether an extended warranty is right for your fleet, review vehicle usage, lifecycles, and replacement policies.

Maintenance News

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Photo courtesy of CarMD. 
States Ranked by Vehicle Repair Costs
CarMD has published its annual state-by-state ranking of repair bills that follow a check-engine light. Read our report to find out the states at the top and bottom of the list.
Photo of 2015 MKS courtesy of Lincoln.
Lincoln to Discontinue MKS Sedan
Lincoln plans to cease production of the full-size sedan, which shares its platform with the Ford Taurus, in 2016.
Photo of 2016 Ram 2500 courtesy of FCA US.
FCA Rolls Back Powertrain Warranty
FCA US has reduced its powertrain coverage for 2016 model-year gasoline-powered vehicles. General Motors also made a change to its powertrain warranty earlier this year.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Checking Tire Air Pressure
Here’s some tire preventive maintenance advice, provided by America’s Tire, you may want to pass along to fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.
Photo of 911 GT3 RS courtesy of Porsche.
Porsche Becomes First OEM to Use Magnesium Body Panel
Porsche has broken new ground as the first vehicle manufacturer to use a magnesium outer body panel with the roof of its 911 GT3 RS that debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show in March.
Chart courtesy of J.D. Power.
Recall Customer Satisfaction Increases
The percentage of dealer service visits relating to recalls reached 16 percent in 2015 for at least a six-year high, yet satisfaction among those customers is also rising, according to a J.D. Power study.
Photo courtesy of GM.
Fleets Mostly Exempted From GM Powertrain Warranty Roll-Back
General Motors is rolling back the number of visits under its free maintenance program across the board for Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles for fleets amid a change to its powertrain warranty that mostly affects retail buyers.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Dealing With Potholes
This winter's extreme freeze-and-thaw cycles have created conditions for a nightmarish pothole season, but AAA offers some valuable advice on how to prevent pothole damage.
Consolidated Service Corp. Chairman Starr Dies
By Mike Antich
Pat Starr, former chairman of Consolidated Service Corp. (CSC) and Automotive Fleet Hall of Fame inductee, died on Jan. 17. He was 87.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Recognizing Wheel Misalignment
Here are tips from Firestone to help fleet drivers recognize early symptoms of wheel misalignment.

Research and Best Practices

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Engine Optimization: Make Your Engine Work for You
Optimizing your vehicle’s engine may sound complicated, but this paper details how engine calibration technology works and how it is actually easy, flexible and takes just minutes to install.
How to Control Repair Costs, Reduce Vehicle Downtime and Streamline Your Maintenance Process
A well-maintained fleet is an efficient, productive fleet – but it doesn’t maintain itself. This eBook offers practical ideas and techniques for lowering repair costs, reducing vehicle downtime, and keeping your fleet in top operating condition.

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