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Agile FleetCommander is a web-based application. There’s no installation required for each user... just a web browser. And training is a snap! If you can browse the Internet, you can use FleetCommander.

Nearly every aspect of your Home Page can be easily customized, including logos, links, and content.


Talk about making it easy to optimize the use of your fleet! The Vehicle Optimization screen helps you visually see how and when your vehicles are being used.

Use the Vehicle Optimization screen when assigning vehicles to motor pool requests. The tool will automatically sort vehicles in the order that you desire, such as: Rotate in a round-robin fashion, use the highest mileage first/last, use the oldest vehicle first/last, etc.


You shouldn’t have to hunt around in your fleet management system to see what’s going on with your fleet. FleetCommander’s Dashboard will tell you what you need to know…automatically. It will update every 5 minutes with the latest information about your fleet.


The beauty of FleetCommander is that data (metrics) are collected effortlessly as you perform your daily fleet management routines. The result? Loads of clean data to be mined for lots of reports!

Reports are easy to generate and interpret. Generating reports starts with an intuitive form used to narrow down the data that you’d like to see on the report.


The Late Return Report helps identify and resolve abuse of pooled vehicles.

FleetCommander has several tools to help identify and reduce the number of vehicles that are being returned late to the fleet. The automatically updating Fleet Dashboard instantly flags late returning vehicles. Contact information is provided to help get in touch with the driver to see if there is an issue and identify when the vehicle will be returned.


Tracking preventive maintenance and repair activities can be a nightmare when done on paper. FleetCommander incorporates maintenance plans to help trigger your maintenance activities by mileage or time. All of the functions throughout FleetCommander “feed” new mileage data to the maintenance engine to remind you of pending maintenance tasks.


Are your fleet customers happy? How do you know? With FleetCommander, you’ll know precisely how they are feeling. Use FleetCommander’s on-line feedback survey to get input on more than a dozen different aspects of your fleet, covering topics such as your staff, your vehicles, and FleetCommander.


Need an easy way to view a summary of fuel transactions? Need to search for exceptions such as excessive costs or excessive number of gallons per transactions? Or do you just want to see fuel transactions associated with a particular individual or vehicle? It’s easy in FleetCommander.


FleetCommander will optimize the use of your vehicles and unburden your staff. Your operations will become more streamlined and efficient. Our customers typically realize at least a 15% reduction in their motor pool fleets. Some have even used our utilization reports to prove that they need more vehicles.


A customizable, on-line reservation form saves hundreds of man-hours and is the starting point for capturing valuable metrics that ultimately tell the fleet manager all about your fleet utilization.

Your vehicle request form can be modified to collect a wealth of information. And, best of all, when your dispatchers get the request, error-checking, account validation, and policy enforcement will have already been done automatically!

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