If you’re a fleet manager with global and/or regional responsibilities, you’ll have opportunities for training and education at the Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix, scheduled for Sept. 30- Oct. 2, in Phoenix, Ariz. Post-conference workshops will be held on Oct. 2. The conference is being produced by Bobit Business Media, publisher of Automotive Fleet, and Nexus Communication, publisher of Fleet Europe magazine.

An introductory registration price for the Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix has been announced at $595, and, as a special bonus, attendees will receive free admission to the third day (Oct. 2) of the Green Fleet Conference with content geared toward multinational fleets.

To register for the Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix go to www.globalfleetconference.com/register.

With regard to education and training opportunities, the conference will cover positioning yourself to expand your fleet responsibilities beyond the U.S. market, the right way to structure a global RFP, how to create consolidated and standardized reporting between fleet regions, and emerging fleet markets, such as China, Brazil, and India.

A premiere group of U.S.- and European-based of global fleet managers are advising with the development of the agenda content for the conference. 

You see the full list of advisory board members in this downloadable PDF.

For more information about the Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix, visit the conference’s website at www.globalfleetconference.com.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet