According to Foresight Research’s 2013 Dealership Report, Volvo Cars of North America ranked number one among luxury brands in having dealerships that are effective at influencing the purchase experience.

"We have been surveying recent buyers about the effectiveness of the dealership experience for past four years. In the most recent issue, Volvo dealers moved into first place among all brands as having the dealership experience that was most influential to the purchase," said Steve Bruyn, CEO of Foresight Research.

Foresight’s Dealership Report examines the criteria shoppers use when selecting a dealership, what they expect from salespeople, and their degree of comfort at the dealership. The report also look at dealership elements that buyers found influential during the buying process.

"Everything we do at Volvo is designed around the customer, from product development to the dealer experience," said Greg Swetoha, executive vice president, sales operations and network development, VCNA. "Our recognition as the top luxury brand confirms this consumer-centric commitment our dealer network exemplifies day in and day out."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet