Photo of 2015 200 sedan courtesy of Chrysler.

Photo of 2015 200 sedan courtesy of Chrysler.

Chrysler will preview its 2015 model-year vehicles at regional events, as it shifts away from a single nationwide fleet preview, a Chrysler spokesman told

Chrysler was initially eyeing June to schedule its annual fleet preview in Ashville, N.C., but in recent weeks backed off that plan. The automaker is now planning the regional events for its fleet customers, said Ralph Kisiel, a Chrysler spokesman.

"These regional shows are designed to build a closer relationship with our fleet customers and to highlight the strength of our products," Kisiel said. "We feel that these regional shows will provide the best opportunity for our customers to meet members of our Chrysler team, experience our product, and fit their busy schedules."

Chrysler will release additional details about the regional events in the near future.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet