Life Line Screening, the nation's leading provider of community-based preventative health screenings, has selected SambaSafety solutions to manage its comprehensive driver safety program.

As Life Line Screening continues to grow its footprint across the United States, maintaining its high standards on driver safety remains critical.

That's why the company sought to leverage SambaSafety's comprehensive solutions portfolio to ensure that the 500 employees who drive as part of their jobs are performing safely in the communities they work and live.

As part of its commitment to driver safety, Life Line Screening will leverage SambaSafety's DriverMonitor solution. This solution gives employers the ability to monitor all driver behavior, including driver history and employee background checks and compliance, through an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based dashboard.

Life Line Screening also will deploy two additional integrated solutions, including:

Samba BackgroundCheck, which arms businesses and organizations with the information they need to understand to ensure driver safety in the pre-employment process, including criminal background checks, Social Security number verification, Motor Vehicle Records and important data such as credit and other references.

Samba DriverTraining, which delivers online award-winning driver training to all employees who drive on the job or high-risk drivers in need of additional resources.

"As a healthcare company, Life Line Screening is strongly focused on driver safety and we appreciate SambaSafety's comprehensive solutions and the company's deep expertise in driver safety best practices," said Marianne O'Connell, Manager, Benefits and Compliance, Life Line Screening.

"We are pleased to support Life Line Screening's commitment to driver safety and best-in-class driver performance management," said Richard Crawford, Chief Executive Officer, SambaSafety. "We look forward to supporting Life Line Screening as it grows its business across the country."

Nationwide, an estimated 128 million people drive for government agencies, corporations and small businesses on the nation's highways and roads. SambaSafety ensures that employers of all types have the best practices in place to ensure that drivers are performing safely in the communities where they work and live.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet