ProSight Specialty Insurance and SmartDrive Systems have introduced SecureFleet, a complimentary risk management solution developed exclusively for ProSight niche transportation customers.

Debuting as a fully integrated video event recorder and risk reduction service offered complimentary with ProSight coverage, SecureFleet combines a patented vehicle data and video event recording system with a comprehensive driver coaching program to help fleet owners and safety managers reduce risks, reduce costs and better manage fleets, according to the company.

SecureFleet is part of ProSight's ongoing commitment to provide innovative solutions that go beyond traditional insurance products to focus on unaddressed customer needs.

When compared to retail pricing for event recording equipment and accompanying service, SecureFleet offers an average savings of over $950 per vehicle in the first year, according to ProSight.

"We developed SecureFleet to help our customers make their fleets safer, more efficient and profitable," said Darryl Siry, chief marketing officer at ProSight Specialty Insurance Solutions. "No one else in the industry has combined insurance with telematics, event recording technology and driver coaching as we have with SecureFleet."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet