Teletrac Inc. has released the latest version of its Fleet Director telematics software platform that improves the productivity and safety levels of their operations, according to the company.

The enhanced Fleet Director GPS fleet tracking system offers fleet management tools, such as the ability to monitor fuel consumption, increase driver safety and meet compliance mandates. Users now have full access to Fleet Director's management features from their mobile device.

Teletrac modernized Fleet Director in four areas:

Mobility: Fleet Director allows users to manage their vehicles from any mobile device or browser through new HTML 5 functionality. The software's clear and user-friendly interface lets users navigate easily to a targeted location regardless of whether the manager is in the office or on a mobile phone in the field.

Actionable Data: The updated software allows managers to move beyond basic track-and-trace functionality, offering an in-depth look at the overall health of a business. The new Fleet Director is built with more robust driver and vehicle behavioral data, providing businesses with insight into performance areas such as fuel management, power take-off time, engine performance and job-site delivery tracking.

Cutting-Edge Mapping Technology: Mapping has moved beyond location tracking with Fleet Director's enhanced interactive features. Vehicle and asset mapping is now accessible on easy-to-use Google Maps that toggle between single and multiple views. Managers can consult Fleet Director to pinpoint the exact road their drivers are on while using Google Street View to zoom into the terrain and makeup of the road. These added map enhancements provide fleet managers with tools to have better control of their business.

Advanced Safety Behavior Data: Fleet Director Safety Analytics helps managers get closer to their fleet through insight into key driver safety events, such as speeding, harsh braking, accelerating, stop sign violations and fast cornering. New data-rich dashboards display relevant information that shows the time and date of each event and the number of infractions per vehicle and driver, including the best and worst performance rankings. Safety infractions can be replayed on the map interface to show how an unsafe driving incident occurred in real-time, providing useful data that can prevent the risk of a crash.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet