Professional drivers of fleet vehicles made the top of a list of safest drivers, while members of the travel industry are considered the most accident prone, according to a survey from online auto insurance provider Goji.

Travel industry workers are over 15 times more likely than those in marketing or advertising to be behind the wheel when an accident occurs, according to the survey, which relied on self-reported data from a sample size of at least 500 responses.

Travel workers said they had been in an accident 8.81 percent of the time in the past five years. Human resources professionals reported an accident 6.83 percent of the time. Other accident-prone professions included healthcare (5.59 percent), information technology (5.59 percent), customer service (5.5 percent), restaurant workers (5.43 percent), real estate (5.36 percent), professor (5.14 percent), accountant (4.24 percent), and construction worker (3.94 percent).

Professional drivers of limousines, town cars, taxis, and buses reported no accidents. Other low-risk professions included marketing/advertising (0.58 percent), business owners (0.85 percent), finance (0.87 percent), finance (0.87 percent), lawyer (1.12 percent), architect (1.24 percent), retirees (1.64 percent), house wife or husband (1.74 percent), clergy (1.81 percent), and doctor (1.87 percent).

"Accident claims have a big impact on car insurance rates for better or worse, but costs can vary widely based on the carrier, coverage desired and other personal factors — even your career, regardless of whether you drive for work or not," said Justin Dangel, CEO of Goji.


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