Safety Vision and Isotrak are working together to deliver the first DOT-compliant management and safety solution for the fleet and transportation units.

Safety Vision’s mobile video recorders, cameras, and driver distraction monitoring (DDM) devices are coupled with Isotrak’s fleet management software to provide a comprehensive solution that optimizes valuable fleet assets.

Safety Vision’s Safety Administrator tablet acts as the central management terminal and offers driving logs, 360-degree live camera views around the truck and trailer, audible DDM alerts to the driver, real-time fleet location data, plus many more customizable state-of-the-fleet reports. The Isotrak Active Transportation management System (ATMSi) is a fleet management solution to measure fleet performance and efficiency. ATMSi provides real-time operational intelligence.

Isotrak and Safety Vision will make their debut appearance as business partners at the National Private Truck Council Annual Conference in Cincinnati on April 26-28.

“Ultimately, we are trying to improve basic fleet management and safety, but in a uniquely non-invasive way. Adding stand-alone fleet management terminals or stand-alone video surveillance equipment can become complicated,” said David Wehmeyer, trucking industry surveillance specialist for Safety Vision. “By incorporating the two, we have ultimately helped drivers operate and fleet managers administrate.”

Originally posted on Work Truck Online