Donlen has been ranked at 61 on this year's InformationWeek Elite 100 list of the top business technology innovators in the U.S., the fleet management company has announced.

"This recognition validates how our FleetWeb technology is changing the way fleet managers work," said Jeff Pursell, vice president of FleetWeb Products. "We invest in solutions that not only drive down costs, but build custom tools through our scalable platform. Our customers benefit with this innovative focus on technology."

Donlen invests in people, processes and technology. For 50 years, Donlen has been developing solutions that allow customers to be strategic and reduce overall fleet costs within their companies, according to Donlen.

"We are especially proud of this award because it shows our strong collaborative efforts between all of Donlen's operational groups," said Dennis Straight, senior vice president of IT and CIO. "This was a win for our IT team, operations and customer service. We are proud of the fact that our FleetWeb platform is flexible enough to handle high levels of customization."

The list is a way to recognize companies that have integrated IT into product development, marketing, and customer service, according to the magazine's editor.

"At InformationWeek, we talk about this as 'IT Without Borders,' as we see the best IT leaders tearing down traditional borders to help every department leverage technologies such as data analytics, cloud, and mobility," said Chris Murphy, InformationWeek's editor.  "The 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100 spotlights companies at which IT is not only inseparable from every department, it's pivotal to every customer experience."

This is InformationWeek's 27th year identifying and honoring the nation's most innovative users of information technology. The InformationWeek Elite 100 research tracks the technology-based investments, strategies, and results of some of the best-known organizations in the country. Unique among corporate rankings, the InformationWeek Elite 100 spotlights the power of business technology innovation.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet