Photo: Audi

Photo: Audi

Audi has developed a 2.0 four-cylinder TSFI engine for its next-generation A4 sedan that uses an innovative combustion method to increase efficiency, the automaker has announced.

The new 2.0 TSFI makes 190 hp and 236 lb.-ft. of torque starting at 1,450 rpm and should achieve a combined 47 mpg fuel economy, according to Audi. The engine will be available in the Audi A4 by the end of 2015.

Audi has developed a new combustion method that's comparable to the Miller cycle. Engineers achieved the higher efficiency with shortened intake time, higher boost pressure, an intake valve that closes quicker, an additional injection upstream from the intake valve, and use of the Audi Valvelift System on the inlet side that allows a short intake time at partial load and a longer time at higher loads.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet