Screen capture from Fleetio site.

Screen capture from Fleetio site. 

Fleetio has launched Fleetio Fuel, a native mobile application allowing fleets to quickly track fuel data. Fleetio Fuel is the first fuel tracking app designed specifically for fleets and allows drivers to log fuel in seconds using a mobile phone or tablet. The app provides fleets with comprehensive data such as cost-per-mile, mpg and distance between fill-ups.

To eliminate the need for paper fuel receipts and purchase reconciliation, Fleetio Fuel lets users input fuel costs and volume for vehicles assigned to them and view fuel history for specific vehicles. While at the pump, drivers can take photos of fuel receipts and quickly upload them to a fuel record. Fleetio Fuel can also track a vehicle's fill-up location through GPS, providing a detailed record for fuel purchases.

Fleetio Fuel is free for all Fleetio users. To learn more about Fleetio Fuel and to download the app, please visit

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet