The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has selected SambaSafety to assist in the development of the state’s Driver Record Monitoring Service (DRMS) pilot program.

Scheduled to start fall 2015, this pilot program is intended to enhance public and highway safety by allowing employers and insurance support organizations to monitors employees’ driving records to identify and address any unsafe driving behavior.

“Due to increased liability exposure, there is a growing trend across the nation to actively manage drivers and their behaviors," said Richard Crawford, CEO, SambaSafety. "Through extensive research, Texas DPS discovered that there are only few companies in the country who are proficient in both insurance and employment use cases."

For almost 30 years, SambaSafety and its subsidiaries have provided driver risk technology and information to employers, insurance, background screeners, and fleet management companies in Texas and across the country. This powerful combination easily identifies and analyzes at-risk driver behavior and provides the actionable insights needed to improve the driving performance for employers or properly quote policies for insurance.

SambaSafety has helped other states develop driver monitoring systems, including the State of California’s EPN (Employer Pull Notice) Program.

“Through our extensive experience with working with other states on similar programs, we know that this program will reduce accidents and save lives on Texas roads,”said SambaSafety president, Chris McKay.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet