Photo of 2016 Transit courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2016 Transit courtesy of Ford.

Sales of vehicles to commercial fleets from nine manufacturers fell 5.6% to 50,800 in October, which reversed a two-month trend of upward sales in the segment, according to Automotive Fleet data.

Passenger cars outpaced trucks, vans, and SUVs by gaining 4.1% to 9,658 units. The truck category fell 7.7% to 41,142 units. Even though the truck category slipped, sales in this category made up more than 80% of fleet vehicles sales for the month.

Through the first 10 months of the year, fleet sales increased 3.3% to 519,586 vehicles. Manufacturers have seen a 15.9% boost in sales of passenger cars to 88,540 units. Sales in the truck category have increased 1.1% to 431,046 units. Year-to-date, truck sales account for 82.95% of fleet sales volume.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet