Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen has been selected as the official fleet management partner supplying leasing and management services to Interstate Batteries, the fleet management company announced.

Interstate Batteries came to Donlen requesting the delivery of 157 vehicles wrapped to look like the official Interstate Batteries NASCAR Toyota Camry. Donlen worked with the various Interstate providers to coordinate a timely delivery of 60 vehicles for phase one of the project. The vehicles were debuted at the Texas Motor Speedway today where 60 Interstate distribution partners as well as project partners were invited to test drive the street-legal vehicles.

"Donlen helped us to make a never-been-done idea into reality within just a few months," said Norm Miller, chairman of Interstate Batteries and originator of the concept to create a fleet of street-legal race cars.

Donlen managed the coordination and execution of this request in less than two months.

"Our infrastructure and our people allow us to quickly coordinate and set up delivery to the satisfaction of our customers," said Brian Wright, Donlen's senior vice president of products and services. "Our acquisition and upfitting specialists worked with all parties to ensure that we met the deadline of having the street-legal Toyota Camrys ready by event time."

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