<p><em>Photo of Google's self-driving car courtesy of Google.</em></p>

VIDEO: Calif. Drafts Autonomous Car Rules

California's Department of Motor Vehicles has proposed tough new rules governing self-driving vehicles, including a proposed ban on driverless cars, reports the Sacramento Bee.

The DMV unveiled its draft of the proposed rules on Dec. 16 that will be finalized over the coming months. (To view a USA Today video about the draft regulations, click on the photo or link below the headline.)

The regulations would most impact Google's self-driving prototype that doesn't have a steering wheel or pedals by preventing its sale in the state. Traditional automakers have yet to unveil a fully autonomous car.

Tesla Motors and Volvo have rolled out autopilot modes on the Model S and 2016 XC90 that allow a driver to take hands and feet off the wheel and pedals and allow the vehicle to steer and modulate acceleration.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet