Donlen has released its latest whitepaper, "Lease Versus Reimbursement," offering six reasons why fleet managers should choose leasing over reimbursement.

"Fleet managers need to decide which fleet practices are best for their companies," said Amy Blaine, Donlen's vice president of analytics and sustainability. "Two common options are to reimburse employees for business miles driven in their personal vehicles or to lease vehicles through a fleet management company. While leasing and managing a company fleet may sound like more of a challenge than simply allowing employees to use their personal vehicles, leasing has a number of advantages over reimbursement. Our new whitepaper shows the data and the savings that will allow companies to make informed decisions."

Through extensive research, Donlen offers six reasons why leasing is more advantageous than reimbursement. The reasons include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness of leasing
  2. Challenges with reimbursement
  3. Driver satisfaction and morale
  4. Control over fleet image and vehicle safety
  5. Maintenance control and management services
  6. Liability concerns under reimbursement programs

Donlen's Strategic Consulting Services team compared the cost of leasing over different periods versus the costs incurred through two reimbursement programs: variable reimbursement and fixed and variable reimbursement.

To read the full analysis, visit Donlen's website here.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet