Photo of TomTom's mapping fleet courtesy of Bosch.

Photo of TomTom's mapping fleet courtesy of Bosch.

TomTom has launched a series of mapping products for states that serve as testing grounds for driverless cars such as California and Michigan, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show.

TomTom's Highly Automated Driving (HAD) map products cover interstate roads in California and interstates and freeways in Michigan. The HAD mapping product was developed for the Autobahn network in Germany and now includes 25,000 kilometers (15,534 miles) of roads in the U.S.

TomTom’s HAD Map delivers a highly accurate and realistic 3D border-to-border model of the road and TomTom RoadDNA delivers a pattern-based localization solution. By matching TomTom RoadDNA data with vehicle sensor data and the HAD map in real time, a vehicle knows its precise position, even while traveling at high speeds or when changes occur to the roadside.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet