Driving Dynamics Inc. has scheduled classes for the company's new behind-the-wheel light truck and trailer course, the driving safety provider announced.

The employer-dedicated course is designed for individuals whose job requirements include hauling a trailer, even if based on the equipment, a commercial driver's license is not required.

Drivers operating vehicles as part of a job task are governed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration when any one of the following conditions is met, including weight of vehicle or a combination of vehicle and trailer exceeds 10,001 pounds, vehicle with nine seats or seatbelts, or hazardous material being hauled.

An employee may drive a light truck as part of his or her job which does not typically come under DOT scrutiny, however, once certain conditions are met — such as the addition of a trailer whose combined weight exceeds 10,001 pounds — the organization and its driver would now potentially be governed by the DOT," said Ben Langley the company's director of training.

This course can also be applied to straight vehicles over 10,000 pounds and balances classroom learning, teach-by-touch and behind-the-wheel exercises conducted by certified Driving Dynamics instructors. It is designed to enable drivers:

  • Load trailers and secure loads proficiently and safely.
  • Operate articulated rigs in a safe manner in close quarters and on the open road. Backing exercises through an obstacle course are among the hands-on exercises
  • Conduct mandatory inspections.
  • Describe conditions that trigger a status change to be considered a commercial motor-vehicle driver.
  • Identify documentation required for commercial motor-vehicle driver.
  • Adhere to Hours-of-Service regulations as needed.
  • Understand how to complete a Daily Log sheet.
  • Recognize the requirements for drug and alcohol testing.
  • Describe what a DOT auditor will look for during an inspection.

"Operating articulated vehicles represent increased risks for drivers and greater regulatory scrutiny that requires specialized handling, documentation, equipment, and safety measures," said Art Liggio, president of Driving Dynamics. "The DOT safety components included in this course provide essential, proven safety procedures that all drivers should be aware of and able to implement."

For more information and to schedule training visit the company's website. Choose Schedule a Dedicated Group Course or call 877-607-7220, ext. 106.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet