Donlen has rolled out enhancements to its maintenance program that will provide customers with new features and benefits geared towards lowering their fleet's maintenance expenses, the fleet management company has announced.

"We have launched a new purchase order system that is electronically integrated with major vendors in the fleet industry," said Oliver Zerhusen, Donlen's director of maintenance and accident. "This new platform provides us with improved ways to manage maintenance transactions for our customers."

The electronic integration enhances information accuracy and enables Donlen to process transactions more efficiently. Donlen has quadrupled its service code catalogue to a total of 4,500, introduced a transparent maintenance category structure, and streamlined the interaction with its customers in the repair approval process.

Customers now can access the purchase order system directly, view all details associated with a repair, and make approvals that are sent directly to the vendor; further reducing processing times and vehicle downtime.

"We continuously evaluate how we can use today's technology in order to create value for our customers," said Zerhusen. "That's really the main driver for us and the new purchase order system provides exactly that."

Donlen can now provide instant approval from the system back to the vendor based on carefully established algorithms that screen each incoming purchase order. This is useful for straightforward transactions, such as preventative maintenance services that include oil changes and tire rotations.

It keeps Donlen's maintenance advisor team focused on reviewing more complex transactions with an added level of scrutiny. Through this approach, Donlen further improves the quality of their maintenance offering, in particular with maintenance advisors realizing even higher consultation savings for customers.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet