Screenshot courtesy of ARI.

Screenshot courtesy of ARI.

ARI has begun offering a driver scorecard tool that measures driver behavior, automatically assigns appropriate safety training and consolidates data into organized online view, the fleet management company announced.

The ARI Driver Scorecard allows fleet and safety managers to process information based on the priorities of the organization into one simple score that empowers them to improve their team's efficiency and safety and motivates drivers to improve their own performance.

"With this tool, drivers can easily compare themselves to their peers," said Rich Radi, director of the ARI Global Driver Excellence Program. "Everyone wants to excel at what they do, so we work with our clients to tap into this part of human nature and encourage better driving habits across the board."

The ARI Driver Scorecard is able to pull data from numerous sources including telematics providers, accident claims, fuel history, MVR reports, violations and more to rank each driver with an overall score. The tool is provided at no extra charge to ARI clients.

"Our score is like a batting average, the fairest way to compare one baseball player’s performance to another," said Tony Candeloro, ARI's vice president of customer information systems and product development. "After looking at just one number, fleet or safety managers can take immediate action to improve high risk drivers in their fleet and recognize those showing consistently good, safe driving behavior. Once those on the low end of the scale have corrected their behaviors, they can raise the bar and work toward even better performance."

The scorecard monitors drivers for infractions, collisions, risk levels, fuel usage and many more critical driving behavior data points. It's part of the ARI Global Driver Excellence program that seeks to improve driver safety through proactive accident prevention, active driving monitoring and post-accident response.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet