Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen’s Maintenance Contact Center has earned the Outstanding Customer Support Performance recognition award from the Fraser Group for its performances in areas such as listening, questioning, confirmation, professionalism, and closing.

Donlen’s 56 maintenance advisers were evaluated against 500 measurable criteria each month for 12 straight months. To achieve this recognition, contact center employees must receive a performance score above 90% in the areas it was evaluated in, according to Donlen.

The contact center achieved this while maintaining answer times of 20 seconds and an abandon rate of 1%. 

These monthly metrics take into account all of the contact center advisers’ performances. Since 2007, the Fraser Group has awarded this recognition to four of the 74 contact centers it works with.

“For the past year, our Donlen Contact Center employees worked with very specific attention to detail for all calls that came in. They know that vehicle downtime costs our customers money, and repairs should be performed to the highest quality for the safety of our customers’ drivers, as well as maintaining excellent relationships with our repair vendors,” said Bill Byrnes, vice president of contact center operations. “By striving for high results, our advisers achieved very high levels of performance for 12 straight months while continually reducing our customers’ maintenance costs. We are pleased by this recognition.”

The Outstanding Customer Support Performance Recognition was hand-delivered by the Fraser Group, which is a management-consulting firm with extensive experience in voice of the customer research.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet