Element Financial Corporation's Jim Peregord, vice president for Advanced Analytics at Element Fleet Management will speak at the Cassandra Summit 2016 in San Jose, Calif., the world's largest gathering of Apache Cassandra developers, users and industry thought leaders.

Peregord's presentation, "Building a Pluggable Analytics Stack with Cassandra as the Foundation," shares how Element's advanced analytics infrastructure uses Cassandra to explore new connections across multiple, interrelated data sets from internal and third-party sources.

Element customers are looking for real-time, proactive insights and recommendations to improve the productivity, cost and safety of their fleets and drivers, according to the company.

"The interconnection of vehicle data, fleet records, and real-time information is central to how we serve our clients," said John Wall, chief technology officer of Element Fleet Management. "Our goal is to help customers explore the connections, find correlations they may never have considered and then impact those factors with pinpoint accuracy. This platform we've designed with Cassandra is built for today and the future – preparing Element both for the massive increase in data, and the need for continuous advancement in analytics capabilities around analytics."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet