Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen's Driver Call Center has earned the Outstanding Customer Support Performance Recognition award from the Fraser Group for achieving scores seldom attained by customer contact centers, the fleet management company announced.

Donlen's nine customer service representatives were evaluated against 57 measurable standards of performance. To achieve this recognition, call center customer service representatives must receive a performance score above 90% in areas such as listening, questioning, confirmation, professionalism and closing for four consecutive quarters. These metrics address the quality of the customer service representatives' management of the entire driver experience.

"For the past year, our Donlen Driver Call Center customer service representatives constantly improved and actually achieved a performance score of 97% last month," said Bill Byrnes, vice president of contact center operations. "We are especially proud of this recognition considering the fact that since 2014, the Fraser Group has awarded this recognition to only five of the more than 70 call centers it works with."

In July, the Donlen Maintenance Call Center also received the Outstanding Customer Support Performance Recognition by the Fraser Group. The Fraser Group is a management-consulting firm. For more than 20 years, the Fraser Group has focused on the application of analytical techniques with research designs that provide actionable information for the management in the areas of customer loyalty and satisfaction, customer relationship management, and employee satisfaction measurement and improvement.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet