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ADT Security partnered with Element Fleet Management and The CEI Group to reduce its collision rate by more than 30% after applying deeper business intelligence.

In 2015, ADT Security noticed it was experiencing higher collision rates, driven primarily by increased rear-end collisions. Using advanced analytics, Element’s strategic consulting group found a statistical correlation between harsh braking and collision rates among ADT drivers.

"For the first time, ADT had data that directly supported our hypothesis tying harsh braking to collision rates," said Rob Parker, Element strategic consultant. This permitted ADT to develop an action plan that strengthened their existing safety culture.

ADT also found that 80% of top harsh brakers were hidden risks with no points on their MVRs. In fact, the top 10% of ADT's harsh brakers were nearly twice as likely to be involved in a rear end collision than the bottom 90% of harsh brakers.

Harsh braking is often seen as an indicator of distracted driving, which is broadly defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as "driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving."

Using this knowledge, ADT worked with Element and CEI to create a distracted driving training module, featuring actual ADT employee accident testimonials. The module was assigned to all company drivers, and managers of drivers showed and discussed the module during regular team meetings.

Additionally, Element and CEI provided ADT with customized reporting that enables the managers and EHS professionals to easily see pertinent key performance indicators and take action.

While ADTs safety journey continues, these initial actions resulted in 31% fewer collisions, fewer work days missed, lower liability risk, and lower repair costs, according to Parker.

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