Photo of Model S courtesy of Tesla.

Photo of Model S courtesy of Tesla.

Tesla will discontinue its entry-level Model S 60 and all-wheel 60D sedans that carry a $68,000 price point, and will sell the 75 and 75D sedans that retail for at least $74,500 as the entry models, the company announced in a letter to owners.

The new base model provides an additional 39 miles of range. While the 60, which includes a 60 killowatt-per-hour battery pack, provides 210 miles of range, the 75 (75 kWh) offers 249 miles.

The 60 and 60D will be available for ordering until April 17, reports The Verge. Existing 60 or 60D owners can upgrade their vehicles to the 75 kWh battery through an over-the-air update that's offered as a $9,500 option.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet