Photo of 2018 Q5 courtesy of Audi.

Photo of 2018 Q5 courtesy of Audi.

Audi has announced incentives for its 2018 model-year lineup of luxury sedans and SUVs that includes a next-generation Q5 and new A5 Sportback sedan.

For its cars, Audi will offer $1,000 for its A3, S3, and A3 Cabriolet; $1,000 for the A4, S4, and A4 allroad; $500 for the A5 and S5; $2,000 for the A6 and S6; $500 for the A7 and S7; and $3,000 for the A8 and S8. The A5 Sportback would be included in the A5 incentive.

For its SUVs, Audi will offer $500 for the Q3; $500 for the Q5 and SQ5; and $500 for the Q7.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet