Driving Dynamics Inc. will offer a set of driver assessment tools to its North American fleet clients under an agreement with United Kingdom-based DriveTech International.

Under this agreement, Driving Dynamics will add DriveTech's driver safety and risk management solutions to its portfolio of services. The initiative includes a program of behavior-based assessments, e-learning and on-the-road coaching. It has been tested by Driving Dynamics under a pilot program.

"We are excited to build upon our established relationship with Driving Dynamics in order to expand the delivery of our global driver safety management solutions in North America," said Nigel Pratten, DriveTech's director of product solutions and training. "Too many people driving for work are being killed and injured every day. That's why we are working with Driving Dynamics to improve driver safety and reduce the costs of running fleet operations significantly."

Under its DrivActiv digital services brand, Driving Dynamics will now offer online psychometric assessment tools such as driver behavioral risk assessments and driver self assessments.

Fleet operators can use these assessments as a standalone tool or as part of a comprehensive program where the assessments are assigned as a prerequisite to on-road coaching and used by the Driving Dynamics instructor to target interventions for specific driver behaviors. Upon completion of the half-day on-road session, the coach instructor debriefs with the learner and completes a 50-question evaluation immediately available online to the driver and their company.

The Driver Risk Assessment is designed to identify factors that increase risk for each driver by creating a risk profile for each driver and assigning each factor as low risk, medium risk or high risk.

The online assessment takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete and focuses on situational risk, which establishes details about the driver and their driving history, and behavioral risk, which covers factors such as work related pressures, aggression, driving excitement, hazard monitoring and fatigue.

"This alliance underlines Driving Dynamics commitment to be the driver safety training provider of choice for fleet companies, fleet operators and strategic service partners by offering the breadth and scope of the highest quality services," said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics, president and CEO.

For more information about the Driving Dynamics-DriveTech alliance, DrivActiv online assessment tools and Driving Dynamics' On-Road Coaching service contact Driving Dynamics at or stop by their booth on Oct. 11 during the NETS conference in Charlottesville, Va.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet