Driving Dynamics Inc. has been named as a 2017 award recipient in the twenty-ninth annual Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) competition, the fleet driver training company announced.

The company was honored with its 10th APEX award in the Electronic Media Education & Training category for the redesign and quality of writing of its driver safety microlearning library which currently includes 33 safety tip videos.

Included as part of Driving Dynamics' new DrivActiv elearning service, the microlearning library is available in multiple languages, meets SCORM standards and is optimized for mobile devices.

"The instructional design component of our safety tips address employee safety within a quick few minutes by delivering light-bulb moments that relate directly to their personal experiences on the road," said Art Liggio CEO and president of Driving Dynamics. "Our micro lessons are sustainable, practical and thought provoking messages that can be easily distributed to help change the way drivers value, think and act about their own safety."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet