Four highly qualified fleet executives have been named finalists for the prestigious award, which is exclusively sponsored by The CEI Group and will be presented at the 2014 AFLA Conference in September.

Sheri Bonsall

  • Company: Chubb & Son
  • Title: Assistant VP, Manager, Corporate Travel, Meetings & Fleet Services
  • Total Vehicles: 750
  • Staff Supervised: Fleet 1, Others 9
  • Years in Fleet: 10
  • Replacement Policy: 50,000 miles

Bonsall manages all aspects of supplier engagement from RFP to execution. This includes travel management companies, airline, hotel, car rental and ground transportation, software solutions, leasing and fleet management providers, auto manufacturers, and other related suppliers.



Over the past eight quarters, Chubbs bpm has averaged 5 cpm below the benchmark group within the industry sector. She implemented a fluid cycling policy, which allows for the sale of vehicles at the optimal time in the market. Accelerated cycling during the strong resale markets of 2012-2013 led to resale gains that offset 27 percent and 14 percent of the fleet’s annual spend, respectively.

Additionally, Bonsall strategically built new vehicle options to incentivize drivers to select vehicles with higher fuel economy ratings. Each vehicle with increased fuel efficiency saves Chubb $500 per vehicle, per year in fuel and 2,300-pounds fewer emissions. Effective driver communication also led to high rates of maintenance compliance, with nearly 90 percent of Chubb vehicles in line with their preventive maintenance schedule, and 89 percent of all transactions complete at vendors with negotiated rates and discounts.

Despite fuel price increases over the period, Chubb’s replacement policy, vehicle selection, and fuel efficiency has reduced fleet operating expenses by more than 5 percent per year. Additionally, strategically depreciating vehicles based on anticipated use, in addition with strong relationships with the OEMs, has allowed Chubb to be in an equitable position after only eight months in service vs. the competitive industry benchmark of 17.5 months in service.

Kevin Fisher

  • Company: Aramark
  • Title: VP, Strategic Fleet Operations
  • Total Vehicles: 4,868
  • Staff Supervised: 3 direct; 5 indirect
  • Years in Fleet: 35 Years (6 with Aramark)
  • Replacement Policy: Management Fleet Cycle 3 years/75,000 miles, Operational Fleet Cycle varies by business unit and vehicle type, ranging from 5 years/120,000 miles to 8 years/150,000 miles.

Fisher is currently responsible for managing the acquisition, financing, specifications, maintenance, fueling, license and registration, regulatory compliance reporting, collision management, and fleet safety reporting.



Fisher and his team worked with an FMC to benchmark maintenance data against the FMC’s data universe. To gain control over noted inconsistencies, Fisher’s team and the FMC formulated a new replacement schedule for each vehicle group and driving pattern within each business unit based on mileage, repair history, vehicle functionality, fuel economy, safety features, warranties, and resale value. A downsized vehicle option was identified for each vehicle group that met the job requirements at a lower TCO. Then, Fisher put a plan in motion to replace a little more than half of the fleet.

The utilization of smaller vehicles to replace older units will reduce Aramark’s overall carbon footprint and increase corporate sustainability. Overall, estimated CO2 reduction for all replacements could be as high as 7,600 tons annually.

The Strategic Fleet Operations Team is currently managing the rebranding of approximately 6,000 operational vehicles across 10 business units and has successfully applied for and won vehicle conversion grants in Pennsylvania and North Carolina for compressed natural gas and liquid propane gas respectively.

Ingrid Joris

  • Company: Ingersoll Rand
  • Title: VP & General Manager, HR Operational Services
  • Total Vehicles: 5,210
  • Staff Supervised: 11 direct; 52 indirect
  • Years in Fleet: 5
  • Replacement Policy: Sales: 3-years or 75,000 miles (whichever comes first). Service: 5-years or 125,000 miles
    (whichever comes first).

Joris' responsibilities includes payroll, pension, 401K, talent acquisition, E-HR, global mobility, employee contact center, lean deployment, HR support services, and last, but not least, fleet.



Joris is responsible for the overall executive leadership and sponsorship of fleet operations optimization, resulting in multi-year $4-million-plus in productivity savings while increasing employee recruitment, retention, and engagement, and significantly improving driver risk management and driver-tax compliance.

Additionally, Joris drives the HR Operational Services (HROS) value proposition with the mission of supporting the business and fostering employee relations through top-tier customer service, process excellence, risk mitigation, and economic value. Ingersoll Rand has harmonized policies, processes, and fleet strategy across the strategic business units.

She ultimately reduces the business’ bottom line and drives down fleet’s labor costs to our customers.  This path included sustainability gains on improved average mpg of the fleet and decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Successes could not be realized without alignment to Ingersoll Rand businesses and our business partners in Risk Management; Environment, Health & Safety; Legal; HR; Compensation & Benefits; and the Executive leadership team.

Robin Lewis

  • Company: Ferrellgas
  • Title: Vice President Procurement, Fleet & Asset Management
  • Total Vehicles: 3,587
  • Staff Supervised: 6
  • Years in Fleet: 7
  • Replacement Policy: Varies

Lewis develops and executes a variety of comprehensive corporate purchasing and fleet strategies. Ferrellgas is the nation’s second largest propane retailer and, operating under the trade name Blue Rhino, the nation’s largest provider of propane by portable tank exchange, according to the company.



Lewis has worn a number of hats since joining the company in December 1997, and now has the responsibility of ensuring Ferrellgas’ nearly 4,000 vehicles are on the road and delivering much-needed propane to its approximately 1 million residential, industrial/commercial, and agricultural customers.

Lewis’ effective resource planning has ensured assets are accounted for and that the assets provide desired returns, all while maximizing utilization. Her no-nonsense approach has improved her fleet department’s operation levels. Finally, she has helped institute new policies that held the fleet department to the highest ethical standards.