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Fleet FAQ

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Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics

November 15, 2017

Q. Will Fleetmatics provide onsite ELD training once a solution is implemented?

A. Yes. Fleetmatics implementation specialists will help fleets manage the installation of the ELD solution and provide role-specific training, highlighting best practices.

The customized training is designed for every member of the fleet staff from dispatchers to drivers to senior managers.

Beyond training, Fleetmatics provides customer support to fleets long after implementation to assure that fleets are and remain in compliance with the mandate.

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Answered by : Todd Ewing from Verizon Connect

Director of Product Marketing, Verizon Connect

Todd Ewing is director of product marketing at Verizon Connect.

Todd Ewing is director of product marketing at Verizon Connect.


Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics, Questions?

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