Chart courtesy of NICB.

Chart courtesy of NICB.

Theft of tailgates from insured pickup trucks decreased slightly in 2017 and have stabilized since 2014, according to a new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Overall, there were 17 fewer thefts noted in the 2016-2017 report when compared to the 2014-2015 figures, according to the 2016-2017 ForeCAST Report on Pick-Up Truck and Sport Utility Vehicle Tailgate Claims.

The NICB analysis — based on data from ISO ClaimSearch, an insurance industry claims database — shows there were 1,877 claims for tailgate theft in 2016. That number dropped to 1,788 in 2017, representing a 5% decrease in the number of claims from 2016. The actual number of thefts may be higher as claims were identified referencing multiple tailgates affected within the same loss, according to the report.

Texas leads the way as the state with the most tailgate theft claims for 2016 and 2017 combined — 1,360, or 37% of total theft claims. Other states ranking among the top five for tailgate thefts include: California (1,039), Florida (240), Arizona (156), and Nevada (107). 

Four states that did not appear in the Top 10 list for 2014-2015 tailgate theft claims — Michigan, Missouri, Nevada and South Carolina — did make the Top 10 list for 2016-2017.

The top five cities for tailgate thefts for 2016-2017 included Houston (277), Dallas (242), San Antonio (196), Los Angeles (97), and Fresno (79).

While 2017 data remains stable since 2014 when the total number of tailgate claims was 1,895, the NICB cautions that tailgate theft remains an unfortunate reality. With new tailgates retailing at $1,300 and up, a thriving underground market for stolen vehicle parts continues to exist. The NICB recommends owners make a minimal investment in security, such as purchasing tailgate locks for older model vehicles.

Read the complete 2016-2017 report here.

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