TORONTO, ONTARIO – AirIQ Inc., a wireless location-based services, specializing in telematics and security, recently announced the launching of two enhanced consumer service offerings.

The company launched the new MobileIQ offerings to distributor channels in the fourth quarter as an enhanced proposition for dealers, retailers and consumers. MobileIQ is now offered as both a simple Stolen Vehicle Recovery service and, through an easy online upgrade, as an enhanced Web-based safety and security interactive service. In the case of Stolen Vehicle Recovery, when a MobileIQ equipped vehicle is stolen, the vehicle owner contacts the 24/7 call center. Client care agents provide vehicle location information to the vehicle owner in concert with local law enforcement who will recover the vehicle on the consumer’s behalf.

Unlike competing Stolen Vehicle Recovery methods that only provide local coverage or employ chase vehicle recovery methods, MobileIQ’s service advantage is based on the use of GPS technology enabling reliable and affordable North America wide coverage.

In addition, growing awareness of GPS and the need to go beyond simple Stolen Vehicle Recovery has created a market for enhanced services. Specifically, safety and security interactive functionalities include: excessive speed alerts, unauthorized movement alerts, battery disconnect alerts, boundary and border crossing alerts, plus door unlock and engine disable capabilities.