DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc. has just announced the latest additions to its EcoWheels fleet program: a new EcoWheels Web page and EcoWheels Report in FleetView, Wheels' online fleet management tool. The EcoWheels program is dedicated to helping fleets reach their specific environmental goals with consultative support, comprehensive reporting, driver outreach, and more.

Features include the customizable Wheels Driver Eco Survey to determine drivers' compliance with an environmental program, an example of the new EcoWheels Report, and EcoWheels Alerts, as well as links to other environmentally-focused Web sites.

Wheels' new environmental report, the EcoWheels Report providesclients a tool to measure and track key metrics associated with the fleet's carbon footprint. Data is provided at the vehicle level and summarized based on the fleet's structure. This report is located within the Expense Reports in FleetView Intelligence and is available to all companies interested in a greener fleet. Clients can work with their Wheels account team to incorporate the report's findings into strategies to lessen their fleet's environmental impact.

These EcoWheels updates to FleetView are the latest initiatives in Wheels' commitment to helping its clients implement and maintain a successful environmental program.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet