ATLANTA – EarthSearch Communications International, Inc., an Atlanta-based company specializing in GPS and telemetry technology, showcased its new radio frequency identification (RFID)-integrated technology at the 2008 National Association of Fleet Management (NAFA) Institute & Expo May 3-6 in Salt Lake City. 

Effective asset management is critical to maintaining and managing large fleet operations for any company.  Exciting technology, first engineered and made available from EarthSearch Communications International, combines RFID with existing GPS-based systems in a new product.  AutoSearchGPS/RFID is the first product of its kind that provides both a cost effective and proven solution for fleet operations due to its exciting feature capabilities.

GPS-based tracking, when integrated with RFID, achieves a higher efficiency and productivity than is gained by technologies with GPS alone such as real-time and on-line tracking.  Personnel identification, security operations, theft deterrents and inventory control are just a few capabilities this emerging application has for tracking systems. Additional features include the ability to create and map out delivery routes for drivers in advance of dispatch and unique customizations that can be made specific to industries.

The combination of the two technologies, GPS-based tracking and RFID, provides unparalleled monitoring and reporting capabilities for the end user.  RFID integration provides transitional monitoring and reporting for both the fleet and goods in transit. Customized alerts can be programmed to notify operation centers of events related to the inventory, the routing, and the vehicles within specified geographic areas.

RFID integration provides enormous benefits to fleet operations due to effective asset management and recovery.  The technology can greatly reduce the amount of time and resource expenditures in providing for accurate accounting of key variables such as time, fuel, routes, and deliveries. RFID sets the industry standard by bringing deliverable benefits to fleet operations.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet