HOUSTON– According to the Houston Police Department, a rash of delivery truck robberies recently occurred in the area, but thanks to the Navtrak system, several vehicles were recovered. In fact, one Houston area produce distributor relayed a recent story about the recovery of one of its trucks.

"Last April the 28, one of our trucks was stolen while making a delivery in a supermarket. Thanks to the Navtrak system and the prompt help of your customer service department, we were able to track the truck down, kill the engine, and relay its real-time position to the Houston Police department. The thief was apprehended, our vehicle recovered (upwards of $100,000 in cost) and our cargo salvaged (another $15-20,000 in cost) — all within an hour of it being stolen. The most rewarding thing, however, was the feeling of being able to fight back and not just be another defenseless 'victim.'"


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet