LA JOLLA, CA – Blue Sky Network, a global provider of mobile asset management and fleet management solutions using GPS tracking, has released its D411, a satellite fleet tracking solution. Designed for fleets operating in remote areas with unreliable cellular coverage, the Iridium-based D411 ensures allows fleet managers always know the exact location of their fleet.

Integrated with Blue Sky Network's SkyRouter Web portal, vehicles using the D411 can be viewed quickly and in near real-time by fleet managers. Additionally, companies with other air, land, or sea assets being monitored via SkyRouter, can view all their assets on the same online screen. For crews in potentially hostile areas, covert and quick installation of the D411 adds to driver safety. Operators can also send panic alerts via optional wired and wireless hardware, should any unusual activity occur.

Fleet managers are able to constantly monitor driver routes and locations through automatic position reports at user defined intervals. The D411 also provides discrete inputs for monitoring vehicle activities such as lights on, vehicle on/off, or other telematic data. Additionally, integrated Bluetooth will make two-way messaging possible via Bluetooth-equipped Smartphones or PDAs with the future release of BSN's smartphone messaging application.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet