SOUTH PORTLAND, ME --- Wright Express Corp. hosted its Industry Technology Forum on June 12 at the Wyndham Hotel in South Portland. Eleven leaders from a variety of fleet, point of sale, security and payment processing companies gave presentations highlighting the emerging technology expected to be available in the next seven years.

The businesses involved ranged from high-profile, established companies to emerging technology firms with innovative product ideas and solutions. The speakers included:

* Avsha Klachuk from ALON USA

* Mike Antich from Automotive Fleet Magazine

* Mike Wescott from Carquest

* Craig Tieken from First Data

* John Righini from GE Capital Solution's Fleet Services.

* Jim Kelley from Gemalto

* Jim Hawthorne from Networkcar

* Drago Dzerve from RBS Lynk

* Fred Boos from RocketBux

* David Ezell from Verifone

* Rita Ramirez from Vivotech.

This is the second time Wright Express has hosted such an event. "It provides Wright Express a look into the future and gives us an industry view of the innovations and technologies that will emerge as we move through the next several years," said Russ Lamer, manager of emerging technologies for Wright Express. He added that "it helps us to stay on the leading edge and to prepare strategically for what is yet to come."

Wright Express is a leading provider of payment processing and information management services to the U.S. commercial and government vehicle fleet industry.  

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet