EDMONTON, AB – Arnett and Burgess, a pipeline construction firm, recently selected the SmartFleet GPS fleet management system to be implanted in the company's fleet of light- and heavy-duty vehicles that service the Alberta oilfield. SmartFleet is going to provide Arnett and Burgess with the online tools they need for managing their employees' safety and their equipment's productivity, according to tmcnet.com.

SmartFleet-enabled vehicles monitor speed, high G forces experienced by vehicles due to rough roads or poor driver behavior, maintenance alerts (for time, distance, and engine hours used), 4WD usage (on a number of models), door entry alarms, cargo or vehicle movement, and time and location detection on landmarked sites (known as a geofence or geozone).

An alert is sent from the vehicle to a linked desktop PC or telephone via cellular communications and the Internet once a threshold is reached. SmartFleet fleet tracking software offers daily, weekly, and monthly fleet management reports, enabling users to analyze business metrics and driver behavior over a period of time.

As an option, SmartFleet-equipped vehicles can be integrated with a panic button and personal motion sensors to notify a supervisor of any distress situations. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet