SCOTTSDALE, AZGPS Insight's "Dashboard" interface has been configured for higher user-customization. More than 20 "GPSI Dashlets" will ultimately be available for customers to choose from and configure. Dashlets update in real time (typically once per minute), eliminating the need to "refresh" a list of vehicles or a map manually. Initial Dashlets include small maps, color-coded vehicle location and alert lists, landmark lists with vehicle inclusion, favorite report shortcuts, a message center, vehicle and landmark utilization graphs, and others.

With the new interface, users just drag and drop the dashlet onto the GPS Insight main web interface. Dashlets will be available to customers based on subscription level.

GPS Insight will also introduce a less costly hardware offering and new product line which will offer vastly more options for complex integrations. The new hardware will be $100 less than its current offering, but will not offer engine diagnostics

Later in its 3rd Quarter, the company will also launch other hardware offerings which will work seamlessly within GPS Insight:

  • Asset tracking for heavy machinery.
  • Trailer tracking using satellite communications and 5-7 year long battery operated units.
  • Switches and sensors up to 6 or 8, to monitor pumps, doors, or certain electrical events, temperature switches, etc.
  • Bluetooth integration, which will allow laptops to use the vehicle's GPS modem to connect to the Internet.
  • Navigational device integration, allowing dispatch to wirelessly send routes to drivers, and provide speech and turn-by-turn animated directions using inexpensive, high quality PNDs such as TomTom or Garmin.
  • Mobile Data Terminal support to allow drivers to communicate with dispatch or other drivers using in-vehicle terminals and optional keyboards. This will allow GPS Insight to further customize implementations for customers where there is a need for forms, canned messages, workflow, etc.
  • In-cab alert buzzers and lights for speeding alerts, off-route alerts, call dispatch warnings, etc.
  • More configurable reporting thresholds, i.e., a customer can choose 5 minute updates when out of state, 2 minute when in state, and 10 second updates when the vehicle is within a known landmark, such as a warehouse where it is loading. Additionally, 10 second updates may be made when a vehicle is in a speeding exception and more information is necessary.

With the highly configurable, user-definable dashboard interface available and several new hardware offerings for all markets based on price/capabilities, GPS Insight can help fine-tune GPS tracking initiatives.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet