SAN DIEGO – Networkcar, a provider of wireless fleet management solutions, has released Activity Alerts, a new alert system that commercial fleets can use to create notifications by e-mail or SMS (text) for specific vehicle events. Events include conditions that exceed user-defined limits, such as excessive speed or extended idle time. The alert system is a new capability of the Networkfleet wireless fleet management system that combines patented remote diagnostic systems with GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology to reduce fleet operating costs.

In addition to simple alerts, Networkfleet's Activity Alerts allow fleet managers to create an escalation path of notifications to management as the severity of the alert conditions increases. For example, a fleet manager can set up three different escalation points as it relates to excessive speed. For each increased escalation point, different people can be notified, and by different means. This cascading notification process can be applied to all vehicles in the fleet.

With Networkfleet Activity Alert capabilities, fleet managers have the ability to:

  • Create, modify, and remove alerts.
  • Send alert notifications by e-mail and/or SMS (text), as well as view reports online.
  • Associate alerts with: groups of vehicles, individual vehicles, geofences.
  • Create alerts for the following events, each with their own threshold.
  • Select one or more recipients for each alert created.
  • Access a report/log that summarizes all alerts triggered for a given date range with the ability to group and sort based on vehicle group, vehicle, landmark, or geofence. Users will also be able to filter results based on the above entities.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet