ELKRIDGE, MD – Global performance improvement solutions provider General Physics Corporation (GP), a subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation, recently completed the construction of a Shell Hydrogen fuel station on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. This is the first gaseous fuel station with generation, compression, and high-pressure storage equipment installed on top of a fuel island canopy. This is only the second station in the United States and the first on the West Coast to provide both gasoline and hydrogen in a retail format; both stations are Shell-branded facilities, according to www.businesswire.com.

In addition to constructing the hydrogen fuel station, GP expanded the food mart and renovated the existing garage bays into a large information center. Shell Hydrogen executives hope the information center will attract visiting students and other patrons to the station.

Duncan Macleod, vice president of Shell Hydrogen, said, "We think it's very important at Shell to supply hydrogen to the public, environmentally, safely, reliably, regularly, and all the time. Most hydrogen fuel stations are not accessible to the public and are typically designed to service corporation hydrogen fuel-cell fleets. As a result, the regular gas station customer rarely sees hydrogen pumps at refueling stations."

In the past three years, GP has constructed five hydrogen fuel stations in California, Michigan, and Florida, and is currently constructing a sixth hydrogen fuel station in California. In addition to hydrogen fuel stations, GP is a leader in the design and construction of liquefied natural gas refueling (LNG) stations and has been providing turnkey LNG fuel stations for more than eight years. More information about GP's Alternative Fuels Group is available online at http://www.gpworldwide.com/alt_fuels/

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet