HOUSTON – Jiffy Lube has launched the new Jiffy Lube Fleet Card, which allows fleet managers to access monthly reports itemizing services by driver, location, date, and time through a secure online Web site, where they can also monitor purchases in real-time and ensure that policies are enforced, according to www.franchising.com.

The Jiffy Lube Fleet Card offers a secure Web site for fleet managers to create customized maintenance plan parameters, track expenses, and evaluate vehicle service trends. The establishment of purchase boundaries helps to reduce unauthorized purchases and disputes, control costs, and ensure service transactions are more efficient. The customization tool is a unique feature enabling fleet managers to create maintenance plans specific to their business needs.

The Jiffy Lube Fleet Card stores maintenance plan parameters, eliminating delays at check-out. Since the Jiffy Lube Fleet Card is a credit card, fleet managers no longer need to approve individual transactions. To streamline the process, each driver is provided with a Driver ID, similar to a pin on a debit card. It identifies each vehicle, facilitating an easy point-of-purchase approval and payment process.

The Jiffy Lube Fleet Card program requires that the driver, vehicle, and the Jiffy Lube Fleet Card are present at each transaction. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet