WOODLAND PARK, CO – iTRAK Corporation, a provider of GPS-based tracking, mapping, and reporting solutions, announced the commercial release of its Call Commander hands-free voice option to improve the efficiency and safety of fleet drivers.

"Our fleet customers needed a product to help control unnecessary cellular use by drivers who must carry cellular phones," said iTRAK CEO Bill Poellmitz. "After analyzing their needs, we created a hands-free cellular product that plugs into the iTRAK fleet tracking system. In addition to lowering costs, Call Commander streamlines critical communications."

The iTRAK Call Commander option provides communications between drivers and their command centers. The cellular module includes a separate speaker and hands-free microphone. A lighted switch panel allows drivers to place calls to 9-1-1, dispatch, and one or two other pre-programmed telephone numbers; drivers may also answer incoming calls.

iTRAK Call Commander is designed to be used with the iTRAKpro GPS tracking system. The option can be added to existing iTRAK systems or supplied as a fully operational tracking and voice call system from the start. Customers must have an appropriate cellular voice plan and data plan to support full functionality.

The company's flagship product, iTRAK Fleet Manager, is designed for commercial fleets of 5 to 5,000 vehicles, and runs as a Web-hosted service or on-site enterprise version. The product's event-based transmission scheme dramatically improves tracking efficiency by sending more data when the vehicle is moving quickly and less data when the vehicle is moving slowly or stopped. Transmission triggers include distance traveled, elapsed time, and key events. iTRAK Fleet Manager is available in English and Spanish, and has full mapping and geocoding capabilities for the United States, Canada, and Mexico, plus much of Europe and South America.  

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet