GLENVIEW, IL – Paresh Nagda has joined Navman Wireless as its vice president of research & development and chief technical officer. A 20-year veteran of the software industry with specialties in fleet tracking and database development, Nagda is expected to build on the company's historic strength in R&D, implementing a number of operational initiatives in 2008 and beyond, according to

Nagda comes to Navman Wireless from @Road unit of Trimble, one of the largest U.S. fleet tracking and management systems companies, where he was vice president of mobile resource management software products. In that position, Nagda led design and development of multiple commercial and enterprise software products, as well as assembled engineering and QA teams in the United States and India.

Prior to his eight-year tenure with @Road, Nagda was a software development manager and senior architect for database management systems leader Informix, now a part of IBM. Nagda has also served as a senior consultant and architect for IMC Agribusiness, and has owned and operated his own IT consulting business.

One of Nagda's initial objectives will be to establish an R&D presence among California's Silicon Valley high-tech community. The company intends to open a full R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay later this year to take advantage of the region's wealth of research talent.  

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet