DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc., a fleet management company, has announced new, advanced enhancements to the Factory Ordering process within its online fleet management system, FleetView.

FleetView, Wheels' fleet management tool, provides users the ability to perform decision modeling through its award-winning expense analysis and budgeting tools. FleetView also enables easy online transactions, such as vehicle ordering and driver data changes.

The new pre-approval functionality was originally designed with branch organizations in mind to help move towards standard replacement cycles and streamline the ordering process. By utilizing pre-approvals, fleet offices can empower field-level managers to order vehicles for drivers within their branch. Selectors are built with controls in place limiting orders to specific models, options and upfitting selections pre-approved by the fleet office for a specific application or use.

The innovative pre-approval features are the latest enhancements to FleetView's advanced ordering technology which enables clients to:

  • Target optimal vehicles and specify replacement timing.
  • Provide individuals with an easy-to-use online tool for placing orders in compliance with the corporate fleet selector.
  • Notify individual branches, locations and business managers about authorized orders.
  • Monitor outstanding orders and alert stakeholders, when appropriate.

In addition, Wheels has added new alerts to help manage the ordering process. Alerts notify users of authorizations close to expiration as well as those that have already expired. The Factory Order pre-approval enhancements are available immediately within FleetView.  

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet