WHEAT RIDGE, CO – ARC Wireless Solutions is redefining GPS reception through its recently-updated range of combo GPS/cellular vehicle antennas that can track vehicles in the most remote areas — or the skyscraper canyons of New York.

ARC's GPS/cellular antennas feature a patented high gain, low-cost circuit design that maximizes performance. Antenna gain coverage and performance is optimized for both GPS and cellular applications and the GPS signal is further amplified with a low noise amplification gain of 27-28 dB to capture even weak signals. And regardless of which cable connector used — SMA, SMB, SMC, FME, MCX, MMCX, TNC, and FAKRA, etc. — there are multiple ARC antennas that support it.

From the brand-new high-performance ARC Titan external antenna, to the economical ARC Atlas low-profile interior unit, ARC's antennas are U.S. designed to perform under heavy commercial use. For more information, visit www.antennas.com.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet