PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC – The driver in prison for attempted murder is now suing the pedestrian he hit for damaging his company car, according to the Prague Daily Monitor. The teenager hit by the driver's car and left for dead in the Czech Republic is being sued by the driver's former employer, who contends he caused the accident.  

Karel Pravec, then 15, had both his legs broken two years ago when he was struck by a car driven by Petr Neisser. The car was owned by Neisser's employer, Pavel Imon, whose company, Abi Plus, makes jukeboxes.  

Neisser is now in prison after being convicted of attempted murder for dumping Pravec in the woods rather than summoning help, the Monitor reported. While Pravec survived, he is now being sued by Imon for damaging the company car.  

In his suit, Imon argues Pravec caused the accident by stepping into the dark road and into the car's path. Pravec's family has called the lawsuit immoral while Imon, in a statement he published on the Internet, called the suit "moral and right," the Monitor reported.   

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet