HOUSTON – U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems has established a new Channel Partner Advisory Board as part of its existing Channel Partner Program. The Advisory Board will give the organization a greater focus on serving the specific needs of its channel partners, which is the fastest growing segment of Voyager's fleet card business.

This board was created to help provide objective guidance, vision, and strategic direction to the Voyager Channel Partner Program, and to help ensure that Voyager provides the best service possible for all of its channel partners. The Advisory Board will offer insight and improvement for product and technology developments for small and mid-sized fleet customers, and will provide a means to share operational and organizational best practices.

Voyager's Channel Partner Advisory Board is made up of the following industry leaders: Phil Dorroll, K.E. Austin Corporation (elected chairman); Jim Beck, Gate Petroleum; Derek Bettencourt, SC Fuels; Tommy Gilreath, Dutch Oil Company; and David Varner, Coulson Oil Company.

"We're very excited about this opportunity to work closely with industry leaders to gain insight into what we can do to provide even better service than ever to our channel partners," said Mike Oleniczak, senior vice president, U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems. "The Channel Partner Program is a significant part of our business, and it's important to us to have a group that can help us strategically focus on this business in a way that truly benefits all of our channel partners."

The group held its first on-site meeting on Nov. 13 in San Francisco.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet